Hydraulic Municipal Anti-Ice Systems

Works effectively to control ice before the storm even hits.



  • Controls road ice before the storm even hits.
  • Forms a barrier between snow and road so snow and ice don’t stick.
  • Optional in-cab Micro-Trak® Roadmaster™ provides accurate rate control and performance tracking.
  • High density, UV-stabilized polyethylene tank for single or tandem axle vehicles.
  • Spray system can target one to three lanes for optimal coverage.
  • Optional gas engine gives you a choice of power source.
  • Multiple mounting options to meet your vehicle needs.

Buyers Products Anti-Ice System works effectively to control ice before the storm even hits. It coats the bare road with a liquid brine mixture. This mixture forms a barrier between the pavement and falling snow, preventing the snow and ice from sticking. The anti-ice system can be dump truck, chassis, or hook lift mounted for your anti-icing needs.

The system features a high density, UV-stabilized polyethylene tank with a 16 in. manway. The tank is available in 1,050 gal or 1,750 gal sizes for single and tandem axle applications. The Anti-Ice System comes with a 100 or 230 GPM pump that is driven by your truck’s hydraulic power source or optional gas engine. The pump features a protective stainless steel liner. The stainless steel spray bar is designed with individual, solenoid-operated lane control that can target one to three lanes (left, middle, right) for optimal coverage in less time.

This anti-ice system includes many features to control ice more efficiently and affordably. Adjustable spray nozzles can accommodate various flow rates and patterns to handle various weather conditions. The pump and spray system features manifold type fittings for ease of maintenance. The controller tracks performance to help you optimize time and cost savings. Get data on usage per mile, usage per minute, total mileage, and other important measures. Its optional in-cab Micro-Trak® Roadmaster™ controller and flow meter allow you to monitor and make rate adjustments while in motion. The easy-to-use LCD screen controls help you maintain the right application rates.

Product Common Use: Anti-Ice Systems, Highway and Road Snow/Ice Control