Lubrication Rack & Bin


  • One of our most useful racks, no matter how you use your enclosed trailer.
  • The top rack is designed to hold aerosol cans, such as spray lube, paint, pesticides and more in the large holes. The smaller holes on top can fit screwdrivers, ratchets and more.
  • The bottom bin (RA-10B) fits 1-quart oil containers or can be used for tools and more.
  • The RA-10AB is expandable right down to the floor to fit your needs.
  • You can purchase an additional RA-10B which holds quart size containers and/or tools, and the RA-10C which holds larger items, such as gallon size containers: anti-freeze, bar oil, even windshield fluid and/or tools.
  • Great for Hardscaping.

Weight: 18 pounds