Pre-Wet Kit for SaltDogg™ 6-20 Cubic Yard Spreaders

Adds a liquid ice-melting agent to salt before application.


Corrosion-resistant stainless steel brackets, tie downs, and pump enclosures.
Buyers Products Pre-Wet Kit for SaltDogg 6-20 Cubic Yard Spreaders enhances the performance of your salt spreader by adding a liquid ice-melting agent to the salt prior to application. The liquid helps salt stick to surfaces and can melt ice at lower temperatures than salt alone.

The pre-wet kit comes with one or two 105 gal polymer reservoirs specially designed to fit next to your SaltDogg spreader. The corrosion-resistant poly is held in place by included stainless steel brackets and tie downs. Each kit also includes a pressure sensor to indicate a filter clog or low tank level.

The LS4 and LS5 pre-wet kits feature a 12V DC-powered electric diaphragm pump rated at 3 GPM/ 45 PSI. A variable speed in-cab controller allows you to adjust the spray volume. The LS4H and LS5H feature a constant rate hydraulic drive with a proportioning valve rated at 4.5 GPM @ 1750 RPM (150 PSI), plus in-cab controller.

Kits include a reservoir, pump, cab controller, hoses, fittings, ball valve, filter, wiring, connectors, and stainless steel brackets and tie downs.
Product Common Use: SaltDogg 6-20 Cubic Yard Spreaders, Snow and Ice Control