SaltDogg™ Variable Speed Controller

Gives operators a high-performance in-cab control for tailgate spreaders.


  • Variable speed auger and spinner control for precise material spreading.
  • Built in vibrator control allows vibrator to be turned on and off from the comfort of the cab.
  • Blast function can dispense an extra “blast” of material where heavy spreading is required.
  • Digital readout is a good reminder of the speed of the auger and spinner.

Buyers Products SaltDogg Variable Speed Controller is designed specifically for SaltDogg tailgate spreaders. With variable-speed spinner and auger control, built-in vibrator control, and “blast” functionality operators get precise high-performance dispensing control at their fingertips. The controller also features a digital on-controller read-out to let the operator know what speed the spinner and auger are running.
Product Common Use: Tailgate Spreaders, Vibrator Control, Blast